The Destined Light

The Ship Sails

Or Has It Sunk?

Whilst sailing toward the Pentral Archipelago, our trio runs upon what the crew has called a reef. The ship is stopped dead in its in tracks. Suddenly, the reef deepens and the ship is dropped back into the water, only to be latched onto and shaken. Tentacles wrap themselves on the stern and bow of the ship. With his keen senses, the elven wizard uses his quarter staff to act quickly and pummel the tentacle closest to them on the stern. Meanwhile, despite his small stature, the dwarven ranger readies himself and fires upon the tentacles. The crew scuttle themselves below deck and cannons begin to be fired, the rest above deck begin to load harpoon guns mounted on the sides of the ship. For the human fighter, the Kraken is his first real experience outside of Randor, he swings to hit with his comerades, but sinks his blade not in the Kraken’s wide tentacle, but in the railing of the ship!



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